About Eithne


Reiki is a healing modality that promotes balance in mind, body, and spirit. Anyone can benefit from Reiki, and it is a beautiful and powerful tool that can support you in restoring balance to your life.

Reiki doesn’t directly address disease or illness, but because it restores balance to your system, it can be a wonderful first step in a path towards healing. It is very useful for women who are dealing with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, insomnia, fatigue, or postpartum depression, as well as a range of emotional and physiological conditions. It can also benefit your newborn or child, and can be a wonderful healing energy for mom and baby. Reiki is done hands-on, fully-clothed; you simply lie back and relax.

Distant healings are also available, and although the process is different, the energy is the same.

I have received Level 1 and 2 Usui Reiki attunements and I am currently preparing for my Reiki Master attunement, which I expect to receive in the near future.

For questions about your Reiki session, please contact me.

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